Green Heron Boat Detail
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Below are brief descriptions of what is included but not limited to what is done with each service.

Detailed washes

Watch out we break out toothbrushes! Everything from the radar down to the waterline. Includes; seats,canvas, isinglass ,fly Bridges, storage compartments, engine tracks, etc...and ends with drying windows and stainless as to not leave watermarks.

Full detail

Starts with the detailed wash, then we polish all stainless and buff where needed and wax EVERYWHERE from the radar down to the waterline. Finishing with another detailed wash.


Interior details can be as detailed as you need me from surface wipe downs to full interior details; cleaning inside ALL storage compartments, fridges, polishing stainless , wood cleaning, etc...


Get that rust off! Stainless Polish, Exterior or Interior, helps protect for up to 3-6 months.

Regular schedule

Put your vessel on a regular schedule and keep the cost and maintenance down! Plus it will look great anytime you decide to take an adventure!

Teak decks

Cleaning of teak decks. Applying oils, cetol, sealants, whatever your preference is for your wood!

Name removal

Take off old boat name and buff out ghosting... then call Bret with Vinyl Lab NW and have him put your new name on!

Boat checks!

We are here to help you keep it ready for when you come back! We can check on your vessel while you are away making sure all is well! From your lines, to power, covers staying on, new unwanted friends staying on boat, etc... We will keep a watchful eye on your baby!

Services we do not provide but recommend for companies that do great service too!

Carpet Cleaning

Healthy Carpets
John Homblette


Vinyl Lab NW
Bret Lane